Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7 Inch Mould Tee Barb 8 Excellent Center Foot,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,25,Center,White,$17,Barb,Inch,Outwater,Tee,7/8,Industries,/beastling1436606.html,Mould,kalam1st.com $17 Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7/8 Inch Center Barb Tee Mould Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7 Inch Mould Tee Barb 8 Excellent Center $17 Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7/8 Inch Center Barb Tee Mould Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies Foot,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,25,Center,White,$17,Barb,Inch,Outwater,Tee,7/8,Industries,/beastling1436606.html,Mould,kalam1st.com

Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7 Inch Mould Tee Barb 8 New Orleans Mall Excellent Center

Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7/8 Inch Center Barb Tee Mould


Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7/8 Inch Center Barb Tee Mould

Product description

Size Name:25 FT

Made of high-quality, durable, non-phthalate flexible plastic, Outwater’s Flexible Polyethylene T Moulding can be used on tables, counters, desks, arcade game trims and more. Our plastic moulding provides edges with a clean, polished look as well as protection from damage and everyday wear-and-tear. Flexible polyethylene tee moulding works perfectly in high-trafficked areas where furniture edges get bumped into. This colored T-molding by Outwater Plastics is comes in a 25-foot-long coil that can be cut to size. Each coil comes with a small free sample for testing. Please note: coils cannot be returned after being cut.

Outwater Industries 25 Foot White 7/8 Inch Center Barb Tee Mould


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