$16 Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Cone Fish Tank Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets $16 Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Cone Fish Tank Pet Supplies Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Time sale Fish Tank Cone $16,8.6",Spawning,kalam1st.com,Ceramic,Cone,Decorations,Aquarium,Tank,Fish,/dactylopore910155.html,Breed,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets $16,8.6",Spawning,kalam1st.com,Ceramic,Cone,Decorations,Aquarium,Tank,Fish,/dactylopore910155.html,Breed,Pet Supplies , Fish Aquatic Pets Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Time sale Fish Tank Cone

Aquarium Decorations 8.6

Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Cone Fish Tank


Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Cone Fish Tank

Product description

Ceramic cone provides spawning sites for your fish.
Applied for Discus, Angels, Clownfish and other substrate fish to spawn.
Smooth surface for egg to attach on it easily, ensure high reproduction.
Made of quality ceramic, can process water filtration in your aquarium.
Ceramic spawning clay cone, not easy to crack or break.
Practical and attractive decor. Easy to clean with and can last long.
Clean the product in cold water for removing dirt before putting it into your aquarium.
Allow 1-2 cm difference due to manual measurement.

Aquarium Decorations 8.6" Ceramic Spawning Breed Cone Fish Tank

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