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Jessica Simpson Women's Kiss Me Skinny Ankle Jean


Jessica Simpson Women's Kiss Me Skinny Ankle Jean

Product description

Jessica Simpson Women's Kiss Me Skinny Ankle Jean with faux front pockets, fully functional back pockets, easy front zipper fly and belt loops for your own pop of color on a contour fit body that moves with you. The nice stretch denim fabric moved with you to help you look your best from every angel. Goes great with every top you have as well as all footwear from boots and heels to sandals and sneakers, perfect for work, class or happy hour. Available in assorted washes and detailing see color name for specifics. Jessica Simpson established her denim brand in 2010 to be like her: approachable yet inspirational, sweet and sexy, and always of-the-moment with a touch of vintage influence. Jessica’s philosophy is that all body types need to be celebrated without sacrificing comfort or style.

Jessica Simpson Women's Kiss Me Skinny Ankle Jean

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Modern and Reliable Framework

Our personality model incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust and highly accurate testing techniques.

Hundreds of Pioneering Studies

Dig into our studies on personality types and their impact on our lives – geographical distribution, social attitudes, relationships, and much more.

Available in Many Languages

At 37 languages, our test is the most translated major personality test on the internet. Speaking French, Spanish or Lithuanian? Take the test in your language!

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