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Sew in Hair Extensions Natural Human Max Portland Mall 48% OFF Weft Weave

Sew in Hair Extensions Human Hair Natural Sew in Weft Hair Weave


Sew in Hair Extensions Human Hair Natural Sew in Weft Hair Weave

Product Description

sew in hair extensions

Benafee Hair specialized in human hair extensions amp; wig industry more than 10 years, have our own factory, so we can control and monitor product quality well.

Our pursuit is provide the best human hair products to all our customers, we are always on the way, and willing to accept the supervision of all customers.

Benafee sew in human hair extensions is innovative bundles, can be used in various application, easy to restyle, and blend well with your own hair.

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Weight 70G-100G 120G 100G-120G 70G 30G-70G
Material 100% human hair 100% human hair 100% human hair 100% human hair 100% human hair
Can be straightened
Can be curled

Sew in Hair Extensions Human Hair Natural Sew in Weft Hair Weave

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