INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Plush N Flannel Fleece Max 56% OFF INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Plush N Flannel Fleece Max 56% OFF $14 INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Flannel Fleece Plush N Baby Products Nursery Blanket,Baby,/Laportea900682.html,Milestone,,|,N,INNObeta,Flannel,Plush,Baby Products , Nursery,$14,Fleece,Monthly $14 INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Flannel Fleece Plush N Baby Products Nursery Blanket,Baby,/Laportea900682.html,Milestone,,|,N,INNObeta,Flannel,Plush,Baby Products , Nursery,$14,Fleece,Monthly

INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Direct stock discount Plush N Flannel Fleece Max 56% OFF

INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Flannel Fleece Plush N


INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Flannel Fleece Plush N


Product Description

INNObeta baby blanket

Babies grow and change so quickly in their first year. Mom and Dad, this is the easiest way to keep a record of baby monthly growth and advancement. Simple to create professional looking memories that last a lifetime.

Simple to create professional looking memories that last a lifetime.

Simple to create professional looking memories that last a lifetime.

  • Easy way to capture baby milestone:

Excellent solution to capture monthly milestones for your baby! Using our adorable baby milestone blanket with the cutest elephant and 4 Bonus Felt Fabric markers, it is so easy to capture baby milestone.

  • Just The Right Size

It makes the blanket a true all-rounder of security and provides enough space for baby to play and crawl. Since a baby blanket must not be too heavy, we use anti-allergic Flannel Fleece. This reduces the weight, provides the necessary heat and ensure improved air circulation.

  • High Quality to comfort your babies

In order to meet the needs of your little ones, we rely exclusively on high-quality, pollution-free and qualified materials. Paired with impeccable workmanship, we offer you maximum security and the ultimate high-quality baby blanket.



The blanket is machine washable. But it is not recommended to dry it in a dryer. To best maintain their softness and integrity, please air dry it.

INNObeta Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket | Flannel Fleece Plush N

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Matt Prior
19 November 2021
Matt Prior: how much in-car tech is too much?