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Littlearth NFL Max 65% OFF Unisex-Adult Premium Pet Super Special SALE held Jersey

Littlearth NFL Unisex-Adult Pet Premium Jersey


Littlearth NFL Unisex-Adult Pet Premium Jersey

Product description

Your pet will be their best supporting their favorite team in Littlearth's Premium Pet Jersey. Bold team colors and eye-catching graphics compliment this authentic NFL style pet football jersey. It's perfect for tailgating, game day, or a walk through the neighborhood. Your furry beast will strut in style with Littlearth's Premium Pet Jersey.   Pet-friendly comfort construction ensures your pet feels as good as they look. Isn't your pet worth the best?

From the manufacturer

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Officially Licensed
Available Sizing XS - XL (see size chart to measure and select the right fit for your pet) For Dogs larger than 60 lbs XS - XL (see size chart to measure and select the right fit for your pet) XS - XL (see size chart to measure and select the right fit for your pet) Small and Medium (see size chart to measure and select the right fit for your pet) One-Size
Features Built with authentic team dazzle football fabric and sewn stripe construction - looks and feels like an authentic people jersey Stretch panels at each side ensure a comfortable fit, as well as ease for putting and taking off of your furry friend Woven jock tag and woven shield complete your furry friend's game day look Two vibrant designs... logo print on front and paisley print on the back - Generous easy ties allow for simple adjustment and double knot Mini backpack fits treats, waste bags, and more - three adjustable straps for a secure, comfortable fit that your dogs and cats will absolutely love and comes with 48 in dog lead A childhood favorite reinvented as a team pet toy - great for tossing, tugging, and of course snuggling - features textured materials for optimal interest
Care Instructions hand wash, and hang to dry hand wash, and hang to dry hand wash, and hang to dry Machine Washable Wipe clean with damp cloth Wipe clean with damp cloth

Littlearth NFL Unisex-Adult Pet Premium Jersey


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