Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Recommended BIO Materials Ma Case: Wallet Friendly $14 Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max BIO Wallet Case: Friendly Materials, Ma Cell Phones Accessories Cases, Holsters Sleeves /about/our-team/,Cell Phones Accessories , Cases, Holsters Sleeves,BIO,,Dockem,iPhone,11,Case:,Materials,,Friendly,Ma,Wallet,Max,Pro,$14 /about/our-team/,Cell Phones Accessories , Cases, Holsters Sleeves,BIO,,Dockem,iPhone,11,Case:,Materials,,Friendly,Ma,Wallet,Max,Pro,$14 $14 Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max BIO Wallet Case: Friendly Materials, Ma Cell Phones Accessories Cases, Holsters Sleeves Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Recommended BIO Materials Ma Case: Wallet Friendly

Max 77% OFF Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max Recommended BIO Materials Ma Case: Wallet Friendly

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max BIO Wallet Case: Friendly Materials, Ma


Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max BIO Wallet Case: Friendly Materials, Ma

Product Description

Dockem BIO M2B Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

BIO Wallet iPhone Card Case by Dockem

The Better Choice: Friendlier Materials Combined into a Sleek, Protective, Versatile Case

You shouldn't bury this case in the garden, but we made every effort to choose sensible materials that provide the durability and protection you expect during normal use.

The Shell

  • Largely plant based, molded from a special corn based PLA (70%) and TPU polymer-blend
  • Flexible material that isn't overly bulky while still providing significant shock protection. Feels great in hand with a smooth matte finish
  • 360 degree coverage and just enough lip to protect your screen without getting in the way

The Pockets

  • Primary material is a unique fabric constructed of 95% wood pulp and 5% adhesive
  • Inner lining is a low molecular 210D Re-PET fabric
  • Pockets are stitched directly to the shell for maximum durability, rather than simply applied with adhesive
  • 2 pockets hold a maximum of 2 cards (1 in each pocket) while maintaining a slim profile whether in use or empty

Other materials

  • The integrated metal plate can be removed prior to disposal
  • The shell liner is a standard paper liner with no plastics
  • Packaged in a special bag made of 10% PLA and 90% PBAT
Luxe m2 wallet case Exec M2 wallet case luxe m2t wallet case luxe m1 card case virtuosa m1 card case luxe m2l wallet case
Luxe M2 Wallet Case Exec M2 Wallet Case Luxe M2T Wallet Case Luxe M1 Card Case Virtuosa M1 Card Case Luxe M2L Wallet Case
Finish Textured Synthetic Leather Smooth Synthetic Leather TPU-Shell Edge amp; Synthetic Leather Top Textured Synthetic Leather Smooth Top-Grain Genuine Leather Thick Liquid Silicone, Textured Synthetic Leather Pockets
M-Series Case with Built-In Metal Plate
Thickness 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm 11 mm 11 mm 16.5 mm
Colors Black/Grey, Blue/Grey, Maroon/Grey, Green/Grey Brown, Black, Grey, Navy Black/Grey Black/Grey Brown Black/Grey
Best for 2 cards, moderate protection 2 cards, moderate protection 2 cards, better protection Minimalist, thinnest option Minimalist, thinnest option, Genuine Leather 2 cards, best protection

Recommended Compatible Mounts from the Dockem Magno Mount 3.0 Product Line

This case has an integrated metal plate hidden inside the shell, completely out of view when the case is applied to your phone. That metal plate is located in the upper right corner of the device, and is thicker than most metal plates that come with magnetic mounts, providing an even stronger hold. We recommend one of our Dockem Magno Mount 3.0 mounts for the best hold, as we've specifically designed the head of our mount to hold securely with our metal plates by utilizing careful magnet placement, a unique grip pad, and extra-strong magnets.

For additional convenience, use the Minikin to add mounting locations around the home for secure charging and viewing. Great next to the bed or on the headboard!

DashPro Magno Mount V3 car mount for dashboard with strong magnet and large extended arm by Dockem VentPro Magno Mount V3 car mount for vents with vent clamps and strong magnet by Dockem DashMini Magno Mount V3 adhesive car mount for dashboard with strong magnet by Dockem minikin wall mount for cellphones magno mount v3 by Dockem
DashPro VentPro DashMini Minikin Wall Mount
Attachment Type Suction Spring-loaded Vent Clamps Adhesive Adhesive

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Max BIO Wallet Case: Friendly Materials, Ma

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