SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal M 66 x inch Free shipping anywhere in the nation 36 $0 SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal 66 inch x 36 inch M Home Kitchen Furniture SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal M 66 x inch Free shipping anywhere in the nation 36 $0 SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal 66 inch x 36 inch M Home Kitchen Furniture inch,36,,x,ACACIA,Erina,66,inch,/blog,SIMPLIHOME,and,Metal,M,SOLID,$0,Home Kitchen , Furniture,WOOD inch,36,,x,ACACIA,Erina,66,inch,/blog,SIMPLIHOME,and,Metal,M,SOLID,$0,Home Kitchen , Furniture,WOOD

SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID outlet ACACIA WOOD and Metal M 66 x inch Free shipping anywhere in the nation 36

SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal 66 inch x 36 inch M


SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal 66 inch x 36 inch M

Product description

Stylish, sleek and practical, the Erina Bookcase is a welcome addition to any contemporary home. The solid Acacia shelves perfectly complements the clean-lined, black-finished base and frame. Featuring four shelves, the Erina bookcase provides ample room for storage and display.; Efforts are made to reproduce accurate colors, variations in color may occur due to computer monitor and photography; At Simpli Home we believe in creating excellent, high quality products made from the finest materials at an affordable price. Every one of our products come with a 1-year warranty and easy returns if you are not satisfied

From the manufacturer

SIMPLIHOME Erina SOLID ACACIA WOOD and Metal 66 inch x 36 inch M


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