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Afro Curly Hair Max 80% OFF Bun Synthetic Ponytail Drawstring Cheap Shor Puff

Afro Curly Hair Bun Synthetic Afro Puff Drawstring Ponytail Shor


Afro Curly Hair Bun Synthetic Afro Puff Drawstring Ponytail Shor

Product description


1 Pack Afro bun drawstring extension short Afro curly hair bun extension Afro puff drawstring ponytail for African American updo hair extension

Charming style:
This Afro bun looks very natural without shining in the sun and you must receive many compliments from your friends or workmates. They are also suitable for teenagers and kids.

Widely application:
This hair bun is suitable for most occasions such as Halloween, concert, fashion show, theme party, wedding, dating, everyday wear and more. Wear it and you will get a realistic and natural look!

Convenient usage:
Just put your own hair into a ponytail, attach the extension piece to the drawstring and then comb it, the extension is easy to wear but looks nice. People might think it is your natural hair.

Material: high temperature flame retardant wire material
Color: as the picture shown
Weight: 0.064 kg/ piece
Quantity: 1 piece

Give the Afro puff a shake after taking out of the package and hang it on for some time until the curls become tight and natural, it will be more beautiful than before.
When your extensions start to look dry or without sheen, rub a light weight oil such as jojoba oil through the hair. Leave it for an hour, and then wipe off excess oil by blotting with a towel. If necessary, wash out the excess with a dollop of mild shampoo and rinse.

Afro Curly Hair Bun Synthetic Afro Puff Drawstring Ponytail Shor

Poop vs. Pee
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