Cable,Warmer,,Tie,Thigh,Bettli,/dactylopore1470555.html,Knit,Women,Leg,$12,,Crochet,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,High,Long Bettli Leg Warmer Women Thigh Limited time trial price High Tie Knit Cable Long Crochet $12 Bettli Leg Warmer, Women Thigh High Tie Cable Knit Crochet Long Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Bettli Leg Warmer Women Thigh Limited time trial price High Tie Knit Cable Long Crochet Cable,Warmer,,Tie,Thigh,Bettli,/dactylopore1470555.html,Knit,Women,Leg,$12,,Crochet,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,High,Long $12 Bettli Leg Warmer, Women Thigh High Tie Cable Knit Crochet Long Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Bettli Leg Warmer Women Thigh Limited time trial price High Tie Knit shop Cable Long Crochet

Bettli Leg Warmer, Women Thigh High Tie Cable Knit Crochet Long


Bettli Leg Warmer, Women Thigh High Tie Cable Knit Crochet Long

Product Description

Unique design! Enjoy wonderful life!

Made of High quality 100% Acrylic Fibers,Soft and Comfortable, High Stretchy and Breathable

Footless Long Socks Ribbed Knee Thigh Highs Leg Warmers make your thigh keep warm and relaxed,And can be used with a variety of clothes shorts dress boots etc.

These Bettli Long Socks are long enough to be thigh high socks or fold them over to become knee socks. Pulled fashionably to the thigh or slouched effortlessly to the calf. they are just perfect to wear during spring, fall and winter.

100% new brand and high quality!More than 3 color for choiced!

Package Including:1 Pair over knee stocking .

Leg Warmers Boot Socks fits most size.

15 16 17
Size Small Medium Large
Length 80cm/31.5" 85cm/33.5" 90cm/35.5"
Suggest heigth 160cm/5 feet 3 inches 165cm/ feet inches 170cm/5 feet 7 inches
High stretchy

Bettli Leg Warmer, Women Thigh High Tie Cable Knit Crochet Long

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