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2+1 Pack Galaxy S21 Ultra Protector + Protector, Price Luxury reduction Screen Lens

[2+1 Pack] Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector + Lens Protector,


[2+1 Pack] Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector + Lens Protector,

Product description

Description :

first step - before installing Galaxy S21 Ultra glass screen protector, to find the phone settings, the phone's touch-sensitive switch is opened, then

Adjust the touch sensitivity to the highest, otherwise there will be insensitive touch problems after the screen protector is installed.

second step - in order not to affect the phone's fingerprint recognition feature, first add the new fingerprint. When entering a new fingerprint (

fingerprint module appears at the bottom of the screen), the screen protection film securely mounted on the surface of the phone, and then enter the new fingerprint on

. Screen protective film, and complete the new fingerprint input

Galaxy S21 Ultra-tempered glass screen protector film :.

1. and other options are on the market, this screen protector can be used in conjunction with a fully Ultrasonic Fingerprint ID Scanner, and keep the original comfortable touch experience.

2. 9H is made from high quality tempered glass, with anti-scratch and shatterproof performance, can protect the screen from scratches and drops against high impact.

3. Transparent HD screen can deliver compelling, high-quality Galaxy S21 Ultra super-tempered glass screen experience. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevents dirty fingerprints,

stains, grease and sweat, so keep the screen clean and original vision.

4. Each Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra tempered glass screen protector will go through a rigorous rigorous testing before packaging to ensure that each customer can get the best products and services.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us reply within 12 hours.

package list :.

2 X Galaxy S21 Ultra glass screen protector

1 XGalaxy S21 Ultra Lens Protector

1 X Toolkit

[2+1 Pack] Galaxy S21 Ultra Screen Protector + Lens Protector,

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