UVAB,Replacement,/insectary1470229.html,Gascan,For,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Galaxy,100%,$6,Polarized,lenses,Oakley,kalam1st.com UVAB,Replacement,/insectary1470229.html,Gascan,For,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Galaxy,100%,$6,Polarized,lenses,Oakley,kalam1st.com Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Polarized 100% Gascan Chicago Mall UVAB $6 Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Gascan Polarized 100% UVAB Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $6 Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Gascan Polarized 100% UVAB Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Polarized 100% Gascan Chicago Mall UVAB

Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Polarized Regular store 100% Gascan Chicago Mall UVAB

Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Gascan Polarized 100% UVAB


Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Gascan Polarized 100% UVAB

Product description


This is the store for GalaxyLense.We're a genuine seller located at U.S ORLANDO,FLORIDA.
We offer an incredible variety of replacement lenses for you to choose.
We are offering quality items at lowest prices for the replacement lenses. Our Galaxylense ensure better clarity of vision and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays such as UVA and UVB.
Enjoy your visit at Galaxylense!


Made to fit Oakley Gascan by Galaxylense.
100% UV400 eye protection against UVAB sun ray.
Light transmission:18%.
Repel coating against dust and water.
Excellent all-purpose for sunny outdoor conditions and truer color perception.
Anti-glare UV blocking filters.
Galaxy Lenses blocks the sun's reflective glare and is highly reflective reduce the amount of light that reaches the eyes.
Exceeds ANZI Z80.3 standards and FDA impact resistant, shatter proof safety standard.
Purchase does not include frame.
Microfiber cleaning clothes included.
100% Satisfaction,60 days money back guaranteed.


Galaxylense are made for Aftermarket Lenses(Non-OEM)and is not associated or affiliated to Oakley Inc. The listing items are manufactured by Galaxylense.

Galaxy Replacement lenses For Oakley Gascan Polarized 100% UVAB

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