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Kashmir Wholesale Keratin Special sale item Deep Conditioner For Sulfa Oily Hair Damaged And

Kashmir Keratin Deep Conditioner For Oily And Damaged Hair Sulfa


Kashmir Keratin Deep Conditioner For Oily And Damaged Hair Sulfa

Product description

Size:16 Fl Oz.

Kashmir Keratin Deep Conditioner For Oily And Damaged Hair Sulfate And Paraben FREE

Kashmir Keratin Deep by "Kashmir Keratin" is formulated for hair that is frequently styled at high temperatures.
This conditioner is especially suited for damaged hair. It helps build and restore the hairs structure, restore its flexibility , and give it renewed sheen and softness.

Kashmir Keratin Laboratories have created a unique range of Keratin based formulas designed to repair damaged and colored hair. Keratin is comprised of Amino Acids that actively penetrate the hair shaft to repair, strengthen and renew it.
Regular use of Kashmir Keratin's products will ensure that hair is left healthy, strong amp; revitalized.
Kashmir Keratin's unique molecule formulas can identify and repair damaged amp; unhealthy hair, remove impurities and other impurities and strengthen hair to restore it to its natural, healthy condition

Kashmir Keratin Deep Conditioner For Oily And Damaged Hair Sulfa

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