Caiyao Genuine Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Layered Eye,Caiyao,Blue,Evil,Necklace,$4,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/lochopyra1470334.html,Layered,Necklace,Eye,Evil,,Turkish $4 Caiyao Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Eye Layered Necklace Evil Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Eye,Caiyao,Blue,Evil,Necklace,$4,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/lochopyra1470334.html,Layered,Necklace,Eye,Evil,,Turkish $4 Caiyao Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Eye Layered Necklace Evil Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Caiyao Genuine Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Layered

Caiyao Year-end annual account Genuine Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Layered

Caiyao Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Eye Layered Necklace Evil


Caiyao Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Eye Layered Necklace Evil

Product description

【Necklace Length】

The evil eye necklace: the inner choker: 13.8 inch, the second floor: 16.5 inch, the longest lenth: 18.5 inch.

【Evil Eye Necklace】

Our necklace take the "Evil Eye" design, what's meaning? "Evil Eye", also called devil eye and blueeye, as a traditional anti-evil objuects, means keeping bad thing out. The special meaning make the necklace much more charming and lucky.

【Durable Quality】

Our product all made of super alloy, with well gold-plated, lead-free and nickle-free. Rust, corrosion and tarnish resistant, be safe to wear and deserve to hold.

Caiyao Evil Eye Necklace Turkish Blue Eye Layered Necklace Evil

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