Kanga Care 3D Dimensional A surprise price is realized Seam - Wander Wet Sealed Bag -,Wet,Seam,kalam1st.com,Care,Bag,Dimensional,Kanga,/lochopyra900734.html,$14,3D,Wander,Baby Products , Diapering,Sealed $14 Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag - Wander Baby Products Diapering Kanga Care 3D Dimensional A surprise price is realized Seam - Wander Wet Sealed Bag $14 Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag - Wander Baby Products Diapering -,Wet,Seam,kalam1st.com,Care,Bag,Dimensional,Kanga,/lochopyra900734.html,$14,3D,Wander,Baby Products , Diapering,Sealed

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Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag - Wander


Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag - Wander

Product description


Kanga Care Wet Bags are designed as a small, portable diaper pail to store your dirty cloth diapers while you are on the go. Each Wet Bag stands roughly 15 inches tall and will hold approximately 15 cloth diapers and inserts. Kanga Care Wet Bags are designed with an exclusive 3D shape that allows for more volume and storage. Each Kanga Care Wet Bag has a color matching, heavy-duty, easy to grab zipper that is placed on the front so the top of the bag functions as a lid. Industrial strength snap closes the top handle so you can attach the wet bag in various places - stroller handle, doorknob, or any other ideal hanging place. Wet bags are also popular around the house for storing small items, toys, as well as ideal for travel, sports and even camping. A million and one uses!

Product Description

Nautical Pail LIner Aquarius Wet Bag Peacock Wet Bag Mini
Pail Liner - Nautical Wet Bag - Aquarius Wet Bag Mini - Peacock
Water Proof Polyester-TPU
Draw String Closure
Zipper Closure
Waterproof TPU
Seam Sealing
Store Dirty Diapers
Keeps Smell Contained
Available In Various Solids and Prints

Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag - Wander

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